Woohoo! I'm a "North Country Farmer" Guest Tonight

I am honored to be a guest tonight at 7:00 pm CST on Scott M. Terry's "North Country Farmer" radio show, even though I am in the south. :-) To listen in tonight or listen later, go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/christian-farm-and-homesteadNorth Country Farmer Radio Show.

My public speaking students get to do a little "turnabout is fair play" tonight and critique my speaking skills, including counting my ah's and um's. I better be on my toes tonight! :-)

The topics tonight will include:

  • "Homesteading mistakes: Yeah, we've made a few" a la Queen's "We Are the Champions" theme in my head as I write this.
  • Know what you and your spouse both can and are willing to do - and what you can't do or aren't willing to do
  • Gardening alternatives for bad or rocky soil
  • Preparing for spring storms or summer wildfires
I hope you join in - or listen later if you can't tonight.

Edit: I am terribly sorry about the feedback on the line. I have contacted my phone company today to get that issue resolved. 😓

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