Garlic-Oregano Infused Oil

Happy New Year! While we wish all health and wellness for the new year, there are a number of illnesses going around. One of our sons informed me that he and his lovely bride have the flu. Our youngest came in to snuggle me and felt feverish - yep, a 102F fever.

Here is what I told our son to do and am doing for our family:

Infused Healing Oil:

Teaching Driver Education at Home

Whether your child is in public school, private school, or homeschooled, most schools no longer offer driver's education, so parent-taught driver's education is the new normal.  We began using Aceable in August 2018 prior to our middle daughter's 15th birthday and really liked the program.  She has done really well driving.

We began again in December for our youngest daughter.  Not only does it teach the material students need to learn to pass the test and be prepared for driving, it has a phone app to help parents know what should be taught in what order as students begin their actual driving practice.

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