Trim Healthy Mama Oat Tortillas


THM Oat Fiber Wraps - With FLAVOR


    We live in Texas.  As such, we LOVE our Tex-Mex, and not just on "Taco Tuesdays."

    If you saw the January Menu Planners, this week was my older daughter's week to do meal planning for Home Ec.  She had planned to have enchiladas for lunch.  I found a THM Oat Fiber Wrap recipe last night on he Trim Healthy Mama recipe website and had all he ingredients to make them, so I figured I would.

    While I have masa to make homemade corn tortillas - and even have some store bought corn tortillas around, to lose weight, my husband and I need a low-carb tortilla.  These fit the bill perfectly because they have no net carbs and are non-fat, too.  With my modification, they may have 1 net carb per tortilla.

    Today, we had breakfast burritos that had my husband saying things like, "These are AWESOME!"  "I can't wait for you to make them again!"  "You should sell these!"  My daughters each had 2 1/2 breakfast burritos.

    For supper, we had chicken enchiladas using these tortillas.  After supper, my husband exclaimed, "These are the best tortillas I've ever had!"

Top: Breakfast burritos with bacon.  Bottom: chicken enchiladas and Caesar salad.