First Snow in Years

    Today is the first snow we've had in years - and it's BEAUTIFUL!  Not only that, there is SO MUCH of it!

    Living in Central Texas, having several inches of snow is a rarity.  We went out and played for a little bit this morning, came in, ate breakfast, and before we could go out again, in less than an hour, there was even more snow.  So much snow that you couldn't see our footprints, where my husband's truck had been, or his tire tracks.

Snow angel

Birds in the Snow

Snow Depth of a Footprint
    The girls took their goat out to play in the snow for the first time.  It was adorable watching him play with the girls.

Goat Running to His "Mama"

    Unfortunately, for some it is not all wonderful.  Tree lines are all over the county.  Not only has this caused power outages, it has caused water outages where both personal and utility water departments rely on electricity to power water wells.  

    How are you prepared for emergency conditions?  See the Emergency Preparedness Page for recommendations to help you prepare.

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