Free Menu Plan for August

Free Menu Plan for August

Use this menu planner for August to work with your schedule, dietary needs, and budget. It is great for those working from home, homeschooling, or online schooling their children. Just add in notes for those meals when one or more members will be out for a given meal to make accommodations - fewer meal portions or premade meals that are easy to pack and go. It's also helpful if you are planning a dinner party or other special occasion where more food will be required. Planning helps everyone know what the items in the pantry and refrigerator are for and helps keep the budget on track.

One thing I've seen is that homeschool planners often do not include menu plans for the whole day, if they include them at all.  There are a number of menu plans for specific diets for all meals, but if one has a list of items that work for one's own family, why not use those?  

For those who homeschool, who are working from home, or for those whose children are attending online school, we still have to make all the meals throughout the day.  If we do have meetings or classes on campus, we still need a plan to help us stay on budget.  Even if students are away at school during the day, if you send packed meals, it sure helps to have a plan.  

I created this menu plan for August for my family and thought I would share with you.  I'm providing the .pdf file that is not editable online, but gives you the option to print it, handwrite your menu plans, and make changes as needed without reprinting.  If you would prefer an editable file, just let me know as I can send it to you in Microsoft Word format.  (There are no macros in it.)

This can be great for those teaching Home Economics to give your children an opportunity to plan meals for a specific meal, day, or week.  If you are a member of, that is one of the assignments in the Home Economics curriculum they provide.

I hope you enjoy. Please provide any feedback or suggestions.

One other useful tip: we use an envelope for writing our grocery list and put cash for the groceries in the envelope to stay on budget. 

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